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Friday, November 8, 2013
Assalamualaikum & Hi.

Lama tak ngapdet belog ni haa. Fiuwwww *too many dust*. Okay as usual rasa bosan baru la nak type2. Tonight nak share pasal kekucing yang famous at Youtube and Instagram ni.

MARU THE CAT (from Japan tak silap)

Haaaaa cicomel ini famous at YOUTUBE (just click that link dirrect to Maru official youtube account). Macam mana la tak comel, dah breed Scottish Fold memang comel sangat2 lah. Rasa nak curik je bawak balik rumah, nasib baik jauh!

ROKU THE CAT (from Thailand)

Okay this one is my favourite cat! So f_cking cute! Scottish fold pure breed. Oh God I'm so in love with scottish fold breed. Because? Dorang ada telinga kelepet! Comel comel comel! And by the way this little munchkin famous at INSTAGRAM (just click, you will be dirrect to that ig). How I wish I can have 1 scottish fold cat! :/

Emm emm thats all. Ada banyak lagi. But very2 in love with these 2 cats. Byebye!